Rich’s Cream Whip Base (4Kg)

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Rich’s Cream Whip Base is a dairy-free and versatile product used in the foodservice industry and home kitchens as a base for creating whipped toppings and desserts. It is produced by a food manufacturing company.



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Here are some key details about Rich’s Cream Whip Base:

  1. Non-Dairy: Rich’s Cream Whip Base is a non-dairy product, making it suitable for individuals who are lactose intolerant or following a dairy-free diet.
  2. Whipped Toppings: This product is commonly used as a base for creating whipped toppings for desserts, including pies, cakes, sundaes, and more.
  3. Stabilized: Rich’s Cream Whip Base typically contains stabilizers to help maintain the whipped texture and prevent it from deflating quickly.
  4. Customization: It can be flavored and sweetened according to your preferences, allowing for a wide range of flavor variations. You can add vanilla extract, sugar, cocoa powder, or other flavorings to create unique whipped toppings.
  5. Convenience: Using a whip base eliminates the need to whip cream from scratch, saving time in busy kitchens.
  6. Foodservice and Bulk Packaging: Rich’s Cream Whip Base is often available in larger quantities, primarily intended for commercial foodservice establishments like restaurants and bakeries. However, smaller consumer-sized packages may also be available.


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