Sizzler Round 23 Cm

Rs 3,300

Cast iron round sizzler plate with a circular shape. It is served to customers at restaurants including Brownie, Kababs, and Foods on a Sizzler Plate.

Packaging includes Cast-iron sizzler plate on a wooden plate
Best suitable for cooking in kitchens, hotels, restaurants, bars, picnics, and gatheringsAfter using an iron plate, exercise caution by washing it with hot or normal water and scrubbing it with whatever you like. With a towel, dry it.
Using anything you like to scrub it with, use normal water. Put it back on the burner after drying it with a cloth. Any residual water should evaporate due to the high heat. Once it has cooled once again, use a paper towel to lightly oil the plate. Thus, while the plates are being stored, any moisture in the air won’t lead to rust.

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Weight 2.6 kg


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