Jam-e-Shirin Qarshi (1500ml)

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Jam-e-Shirin is a popular syrup produced by Qarshi Industries, a Pakistan-based company that specializes in herbal healthcare products. Jam-e-Shirin is a blend of various herbs, fruits, and flowers that are believed to have medicinal properties and is consumed as a refreshing and healthy drink. Jam-e-Shirin syrup is made up of natural herbs & without using of water.



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The main ingredients of Jam-e-Shirin include sugar, water, rose petals, fennel, lemon, coriander, and other natural herbs. It is considered to have a cooling effect on the body and is often consumed in hot weather to quench thirst and provide relief from heat.

Jam-e-Shirin is a popular drink in South Asia and the Middle East and is often served during religious gatherings like “Ramadan” . It is also believed to have various health benefits, including improving digestion, boosting immunity, and reducing stress and anxiety. It can also be enjoyed with milk as ” Doodh Jam-e-Shirin ”

Overall, Jam-e-Shirin is a well-known and widely consumed herbal syrup that is considered to be a healthy and refreshing beverage in many cultures.

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